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The KOINONIA® produces technical parts and foam tapes for many market areas, for the most diverse applications, like soundproofing, thermal insulation, anti-vibration, sealing and more.

Thermal and acoustic insulation for the ceiling Harvesters booths, Sprayers, Loaders, Backhoes and tractors in general. Also used various technical pieces of foam to seal.

The KOINONIA® can provide both the automaker and implements or agricultural vehicles and for their partners and suppliers of parts and components.

Providing technical parts for various sets that make up a car as doors , ceilings, whips, instruments and other panels. The most common applications are in automotive anti- vibration, acoustic insulation and thermal insulation.

The KOINONIA® is an ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 which certifies the quality required by vehicle manufacturers and their automotive suppliers.

The KOINONIA® offers products for construction as:

Expanded Polyurethane
Expanded Polyethylene
Polyethylene/EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate)
Extruded Polyethylene
Expanded Pvc
Expanded Neoprene
Expanded EPDM
Elastomeric foam

Sealing tapes to the bus encarroçadoras and various technical foams parts.

The KOINONIA® is a certified company and able to meet automakers anywhere in the country. We serve several bus encarroçadoras , minibuses and agricultural implements.

The KOINONIA® produces various parts and parts for white goods manufacturers such as refrigerators , stoves , washing machine , dryer and other items .

The parts produced by KOINONIA® provide termination and acoustic insulation in addition to being anti- jitter being useful in these types of products.

The KOINONIA® produces various parts and parts for heavy machinery suppliers and manufacturers.

Technical foams have various qualities and properties essential for the assembly of a large capacity vehicle and demanding work.

Providing technical parts and adhesive strips in various foams for the purpose of insulation, vibration damping and shock absorption especially in joints and pipe . The main consumers are the commercial , industrial and automotive air conditioning industries.

Apart from the manufacture of strips for sealing air conditioning ducts, the KOINONIA® also provides taping service, either in rolls or coils of polyethylene and elastomeric blanket blanket.

The structural glazing system is a type of façade glass is glued with structural silicone in the profiles of aluminum frames , aims to hide the external structures of aluminum and leaving the facades of the lightest and clean buildings , also offering better thermal performance and acoustic .
In this system is applied to tape Expanded Polyethylene , also known as spacer , which has the function of reducing and limiting the use of silicon.
The most commonly used measures are the tapes 20x6mm and 22x6mm , but these measures may vary according to the project.