Foam Tapes

KOINONIA® produce sealing tape with or without adhesive from techniques foams in several steps. The foam tapes offer many advantages for use in construction in aluminum frames and structural glazing. They are easy to apply, offer a great finish, are anti-shake and offer long life. Tape self adhesive foams, known in the market as Band […]


KOINONIA® produces plates of acoustic foams with or without self adhesive for use in studios, acoustic testing rooms, concert halls, theaters, cinemas and more.

Foams Parts

The KOINONIA® produces technical parts in foam to various market segments Through the automotive industry, hospital and medical, packaging, nautical , aeronautical and dozens of others. The technical parts foams can be developed and produced from various materials that behave in a different way with properties ranging soundproofing , thermal insulation, anti- vibration and sealing . […]

Automotive Parts

The KOINONIA® produces various parts for the automotive industry We serve from suppliers to manufacturers across the country. We are an ISO certification which ensures the overall quality of our manufacturing processes. With extensive experience in developing parts in foams for the automotive industry today KOINONIA® is one of the main choices of the productive […]