The Koinonia (Koi foams) produce sealing tape with or without adhesive from techniques foams in several steps . The foam tapes offer many advantages for use in construction in aluminum frames and structural glazing . They are easy to apply , offer a great finish , are anti- shake and offer long life. Tape self adhesive foams, known in the market as Band Acoustic generally are heavily used in drywall / plasterboard walls , with the sound insulation function.

The use of tape for sealing foams in technical foams is increasing , due to its practicality and affordability . Koinonia in the client sets the material and dimensions ( height and width ) of the tape as needed.


Foam tapes are widely used by the building industry mainly in the structural glazing project. The foam tapes are highly resistant materials, offer flexibility and damping impact, in addition to the thermal and acoustic insulation.

The Koi Espumas produces tapes in several types of materials like PVC, polyethylene, neoprene and others. Besides the raw material, you define the height and height in millimeters, and we provide the tape in rolls as its technical specification.

The tapes may contain or not the self-adhesive function as the project needs.

Raw Materials

  • Expanded Polyurethane
  • Expanded Polyethylene
  • Polyethylene-EVA
  • Expanded Pvc
  • Expanded Neoprene
  • Expanded EPDM


  • Building Industry
  • Structural Glazing
  • Drywall
  • Aluminum Frames